Omg How Could I Forget!!!!!

Thanks to one of my Army Wifey Chickies I was reminded that today was a year since our hubbies have been home from Iraq.
Now before you say “How Could She lol” keep in mind that my happiness of him being home for a year is steadily being overshadowed by another fast approaching deployment.

Anyhow to my hubby I love you so much and am glad that you were brought home safe and sound to me as well as all the brave men and women who stood by your side.

Ok I cant help myself have to throw some memory pics and our deployment video up here.




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  2. Susan Head

    Hi Kris and Andre’ I just love the way my niece who has grown into a beautiful wife and mother. Kris you have come a long way and I just want to let you know that I am so proud of you. Andre’ the same goes to you also. I was just remembering all the phone calls Kris and I had concerning you both in N. Carolina lol. I guess we all came a long way.

    God bless you both along with Andrea and Matthew.

    Love u much,

    Aunt Sue

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