Halloween Care Package Tips and Ideas

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Walker from Miss Your Voice which specializes in making custom themed packages for both military and non military personnel. Amanda was gracious enough to share her advice and tips on creating a special Halloween themed care package:

Halloween Tips

Send your service member a sweet spook this Halloween!

First and foremost Halloween packages need to be sent out by October 15th for most soldiers overseas to get them in time!!

Fun things you can place in your Halloween care package include:

Eyeball Bubble Gum

Gummy Spiders, Brains, Pumpkins

Candy Corn

Pumpkin Lollipops

Halloween edition Oreo’s (black with orange filling)

Halloween PEZ dispenser and PEZ candies

Orange and black Jelly Beans and Licorice

Decorating the Care Package

Decorations are a great way to help your service member feel more at home for the holidays.

Wrapping the side flaps of your care package with festive colored wrapping paper and adding some decorations is a great way to add some flare and fun for your service member!

Here are some decorations MissYourVoice recommends for Halloween care packages:

Spider Webs

Plastic colorful creepy crawlers



Plastic pumpkins

Have fun making your care package ladies; be as creative and silly as you want to be.

The extra effort and love you put into your package will ensure that your service member will be able to experience the same joy and feel the love you have for them when they open their festive package!!

Amanda will be joining us  for the upcoming Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays with more indepth tips on creating a fun and exciting care package for your loved one.

To visit or purchase from Amanda’s selection of various care packages visit www.missyourvoice.net



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  2. Katie Hanson

    Thanks for the great ideas! I am sending off a package to my missionary who is serving in Honduras and I love your creative ideas! Thanks for the inspiration and lots of blessings and gratitude to your husband for his service to our country!!!

    With Gratitude,


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