Military Wife Answers Stupid Questions

Ever had a civilian or family member who bombards you with ridiculous questions during a spouse’s deployment , or who makes the infamous “You knew what you were getting into” comment. The below video has a comeback for every so called “dumb question” ever asked to a military spouse.
I saw this on Youtube and thought some of you would like it minus the foul language. I thought it was quite funny myself!

Disclaimer: This video contains some Foul language so please don’t watch in front of the kids.



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  1. lol funny. my neighbor asked my husband to bring her back a postcard from iraq so the part about the warzone being a giant souvenir shop was hilarious to me lol. people really don’t think before they ask those questions…

  2. Elizabeth Wilson

    I totally agree with this video! I can not count the number of times people have asked me those questions during this deployment. I think it is hilarious. The language is well you know but the answers are so true!

    • Army Wife 101

      Hi Elizabeth ,LOL! Thanks for stopping by , I agree the questions some folks ask are alittle off. The creator of this video has actually made a PG version which I think I might post soon.

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