A Brief Breakdown of the Overseas (OCONUS) PCS Process

Each day military spouses long for a more detailed and concise explanation to the tedious process of PCS’ing overseas or OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) as the military calls it.

While I know somethings , I make no secret that the overseas process is annoying and unclear to me at times too. Yesterday the Army Housing Facebook Page posted this great breakdown of the overseas PCS process which includes everything from Command Sponsorship information to details on Temporary Lodging.

Those of you going to Europe Asia Alaska or Hawaii anytime soon, will definitely find this beneficial.

Updated Link: Click Here For Breakdown of Overseas PCS Process



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  1. And if you are coming to Europe and don’t want to spend time reading my blogposts on moving overseas, I have a series of podcasts on preparing and how to move overseas. Military Duty Stations also has lots of great moving articles as well!

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