ArmyWife101 Bares it All!!!!

Okay not really, but I did go on video without my mask on and that must really mean I love you guys, because nobody sees me without it!

In any event we know deployments take a toll on us in many ways , one of which is our looks. Sometimes we slack because the hubby is gone or we are just not feeling up to it , but the truth of the matter is sometimes throwing on alittle lipgloss or eyeshadow can really make a difference in how you are feeling.

In the video below watch as I share my daily look and how it made me feel during deployments:

(Feel free to share ways you make yourself feel good or even makeup tips in the comments section )



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  1. Lauren LaBove

    You are just so pretty. Make up or not. I think your style and the way your present yourself is beautiful. Come back to Tumblr! Lol.

  2. Liz

    Thank you for sharing this video, is great what you do!!! I think of you as a beautiful women inside and out. And I learned a lot I have to give it a try lol.

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