If You’re Ever In Savannah GA…My Visit to Bonadventure Cemetery

It’s no secret I miss my old home (old duty station home, I’m really from Long Island NY) of Savannah GA. There is something about the history and picturesque scenery of this place that just makes me wish I would have truly understood this awesome place that I so luckily had the chance to live.

I love to stroll down memory lane and while looking over some trip reviews I did on TripAdvisor.com I found some pictures I posted of a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery which I wanted to share with you.

Me at The Mercer House From Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil

Now before you judge me and think that I am some weirdo who loves creeping around cemeteries and holding seance or something (I’m not judging) …I’m not! What I do love is beautiful old scenery and history something of which Bonaventure has alot of.  Since I had visited the Mercer House and seen the movie “Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil” I just had to visit this place.

This was my first time visiting a cemetery to take pictures or for leisure , so believe me I had my reservations but one of my best friends Sherrill who loves photography convinced me to join her since I was so interested in the book and the movie that featured this place.

You can look at the pictures below and see the beauty for yourself , if your into that type of thing. I expected to have this spooky creepy feel but surprisingly it was peaceful and there were other people doing the same thing we were …just visiting. Thank goodness there were other people because I would have hated to know we were the only ones there (in human form I mean ).

Admission into Bonaventure is free !

You can learn more details here: http://www.bonaventurehistorical.org/



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