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Make Extra Cash & Find New Value In Your Kids Old Things With StorkBrokers.com

We all know how it goes…The hubby (or wifey) gets orders and so begins the task (more like ordeal) of getting rid of stuff. If you have children, more then likely a good portion of the “stuff” belongs to them.

StorkBrokers.com is the go to site to “Make Extra Cash” and Find value in your kids old things. How many times have you brought your child a toy they only played with once? What about those beautiful baby clothes that your little boy or girl never even had a chance to wear and now they are just sitting in storage. While I don’t have any baby clothes, my son certainly has his fair share of little boys clothes that he seems to have quickly outgrown and now they are piled on his shelf in the closet.

StorkBrokers.com  can help to benefit military families by:

* Minimizing clutter in the home by allowing you to get rid of unneeded items

*Making extra money by selling items you don’t need

* Promote recycling to protect the planet for our children’s future

*Helping moms get items for their children without paying retail prices.
I also love the fact that StorkBrokers.com is owned personally by parents and not an impersonal ads site.There are also no listing fees and the site is extremely fun and inviting.  It is not just a basic classifieds site but a community for parents as well. You can also make requests for a specific item to see if other site members have it to sell.
There are so many cool features on this site that I can’t begin to mention them all in one post, but if you love the idea of making cash, having fun and  interacting other moms like you then hurry and make your way to be part of the StorkBrokers.com community!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of StorkBrokers.com. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it’s nice to have another resource to de-clutter my house… I’ve been using http://tradingcradles.com which I love because it’s totally free even when I sell my stuff, do you know if Stork brokers charges?

  2. Hi Jills I am glad you found this useful . That’s the great thing, there are no listing fees!

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