1. Daisy

    Thanks for posting! It certainly does help to get ideas from others who’ve moved so much. I’ve usually packed my ‘essentials’ in tote bags and such, but I love the idea of doing it in plastic containers with handles – much easier to move around from the car to hotel and so forth. I think my biggest fear with that would be that it takes up a bit of space in the car.

  2. Deborah


    It’s definitely a personal preference. But for my 4-door VW Rabbit and my two kiddos (2 full-sized car-seats), it worked great! I had a good mixture of luggage, diapers, wet wipes, plastic bags, food and plastic totes! It worked really well. The plastic totes were all shapes and sizes. I found that the smaller totes fit under the seats, the taller ones fit behind the seats on the ground, etc. During our last final move from the hotel to our house, it was like a puzzle, it all fit perfectly! It’s amazing what we can fit into our cars if we place things JUST right :)


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