That Damn Commissary Surcharge!

So before I share my little vent I must add the disclaimer for the folks who will read this and feel the need to tell me why we are charged a surcharge in the commissary and so on. I am also EXTREMELY greatful for the commissary and all the benefits it does provide and most of the time a proud patron and very well aware why they charge a surcharge.

If you aren’t aware why feel free to visit here and here to learn about it.

On to the vent:

I will be honest and say that for the longest time I never paid attention to that little surcharge at the bottom of my commissary receipt. I can probably attest that to the fact that when we need groceries we need groceries . I look at the prices of the stuff I am buying and keep it moving.

As of lately along with everyone else I have joined in on the coupon craze (not extreme though) and was super happy when I managed to get my $221 grocery bill down to $199.00 this past weekend. It’s not alot but hey that’s $21 to go in my gas tank. On this particular day hubby was with me and he was driving which gave me time to gloat over my savings .

As I was looking at the bill what did I notice but a $10.53 surcharge!!!!



Of course I was saying all kinds of %$%$#%^&! because the wannabe “extreme couponer” in me was bothered by the fact that my bill could have actually been in the $180’s had it not been for that surcharge. Now people believe me when I say I am as realistic as it gets and I do understand that the commissary does give really decent prices in comparison to grocery stores  offpost (I have my Food Lion receipts to prove it).

That being said it’s time say it: STOP SAYING THE COMMISSARY DOESN’T CHARGE TAX!

Now granted the surcharge isn’t a tax but it may as  well be , I mean geez ten extra bucks added to my bill and don’t forget the tip  for the baggers.

And before you say well bag your own stuff, that is kind of hard to do when before you can blink the baggers have 3 bags full of your groceries hanging on those perfect little bagger carts. I can’t fault them because they earn their wages off of tips.

Vent Over!

How do you feel about the commissary surcharge and do you feel it affects your savings?

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