Ungrateful Military Spouses :The Sears Heroes Wish Registry Aftermath Part Deux

For those who don’t know Sears opened the doors to register for this year Heroes Wish Registry where donations are split onto electronic gift cards which are then disbursed to military families for the holiday season.

The saga began (at least for me) the day I made the “breaking news” announcement. Wives were already complaining about the dates and all in all alot of confusion was going on.

The true saga begin this morning when Sears was internally testing it’s site and somehow the registration form managed to go live earlier then the announced time of 1pm CST. I along with many others who had been part of this program before went and registered thinking that somehow they were opening their doors earlier to alleviate the floods of people who would bombard their site at 1pm in hopes of receiving a gift card. After that is a blur but many tweets were sent many fb questions were posted on the Army Wife 101 fan page and the Sears FB fan page.

During the registration the main glitch people were experiencing was the system not accepting certain birth months or birth years. It was at this point Sears had to close down the registration to fix this problem. From there just as I had predicted the verbal barrage of insults towards Sears began.

You know I couldn’t shut up because this same thing happened last year and I shared my feelings on it and this year I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

Check out the video below:

(Warning I look extremely hideous as I have been literally glued to my Facebook page and the computer all day…Don’t Judge me :)


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