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We Never Made It To Disney But We’re Alive and That’s All That Matters!

We planned Disney for well over a year , we looked forward to it but it never happened.

Monday August 15th, 2011 we were  driving down I95-S all was well until we were 4 miles pass Savannah when I heard a loud pop. I initially thought my trunk had opened and all our luggage spilled out, and before I could say “WTH” my husband had lost control of the vehicle and we were heading towards a metal guard rail at full speed.

I remember saying “God Please God Please” as the truck was flipping. I breathed harder and harder just to make sure I was still breathing. I could smell the smoke. I wanted to reach for my kids but I didn’t know how because I was still buckled in and my hands were shaking to bad to unbuckle myself. Before I could do anything else two men and my husband were pulling me from the sunroof of my car. At that moment I just wanted to know where my kids were but they were fine and my husband had pulled them out. They were scraped up but that was it. My husband escaped the car with no scratches except the ones I must have given him when I grabbed onto him . My mom was okay with the exception of some bruises and my brother needed 12 stitches in his arm.

I smashed my knee in to the dashboard pretty hard and am in a full leg brace and crushes and suffered a pretty big knot on my head.

By the grace of God and my angels and those awesome people who came from every side of I-95 to help us, I am here. I wish I had all of their names and addresses so that I can thank them. The couple behind us who kept traffic moving and who called 911. The Army firefighter who came out of nowhere to offer assistance and who kept us calm and the nurse who assured me my family members and I were okay. The paramedics were great and kept me calm. I truly thank everyone for their prayers and kind words and keeping me in their thoughts.

I am glad to be the one typing this and not someone else. I realize how precious life is and after seeing the pictures and reading a comment of someone who witnessed this accident, I am ever so glad to be alive and to have all of my family here with me.

Comment left about our accident on : http://www.accidenton95.com/suv-rollover-backs-up-traffic/

sigsy says:

We saw the aftermath of this wreck yesterday. We were in the northbound lanes, thankful not to have been traveling south. We hope the occupants lived through this, but from what we saw of the vehicle, that would be surprising.”

Lastly always buckle up people, it truly saved our lives along with the hand of god on us. Please I don’t want anyone to ever experience what we went through. It was the single handed most scariest moment of my life. I thought I had lost my entire family. The pictures posted are not for sympathy , they are to show you what I came through and why airbags and seatbelts are so important.

These pictures were taken at the tow yard, the truck was originally on it's side!





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  1. StephanieB says:

    OH, my gosh…I am so glad you guys are okay. By the grace of God we go everyday!! I hope you all get your Disney vacation!!

  2. Oh lord! So, so glad you are all OK! That is an amazing story and so thankful that so many people were able to help. Seatbelts do save lives!

  3. Reading this bright tears to my eyes, and chills to my body. God is truly great and I am so happy to read you and your family are ok. Get well soon, God bless you all!

  4. I recently had my first child and since she got here I have been very observent of accidents around us. I have seen several really bad ones in our area the last few weeks. Nothing as horrific as yours. By ut your story brought tears to my eyes. I cannot image the fear and worry you were going through thinking about your children. Thank God you all made it out safely! You were truly blessed this day and I am happy your family is still whole! Take care!

  5. I am so glad that you are okay, I can’t exspress how I feel about this. <3

  6. I was just so very thankful that you ALL were okay considering…grace of God says it all. I shared your story with a few of my coworkers, and a few don’t always wear their seatbelts, so please think that you have saved some lives this week by sharing your story. Many hugs from across the big pond:-)

  7. I am SO glad you are OK!! i am sorry you didn’t get to visit Disney, i hope you can come see us soon down here! If you guys can try again, Halloween and Christmas are some of my favorite times. they do stuff at night that is HALF price. Thank God you are all safe. we know your angles protected you!

  8. I’m glad you guys are okay.

  9. I’m so glad that you are all ok! The pictures look terrible! I’m just so glad that everyone is ok!

  10. OMG I am so glad you are all safe. How terrifying.

  11. Lakisha Canady-Toussaint says:

    My God is sooo good. Girl, I am so glad that you all came through this ordeal with only scrapes and bruises. Look at that truck! So thankful for airbags and seatbelts!!!! So much to say…instead I opt right now for a Praise Break!!! Thanking and praising God for HIS grace and mercy and love!

  12. I am so glad to hear that y’all are okay. Disney will always be there another day!

  13. My heavens!!!! Yes, that IS all that matters! Thank heavens you all are relatively okay, because it could have been much, much worse!

  14. Felicia Bramwell says:

    I am so glad that you and your family are okay. Nothing better then having the angels of God around you.

  15. Wow! So glad to hear ya’ll are okay!

  16. I am so glad that you and the family are basically ok. By the grace of God for sure.

  17. Wow! that is an amazing story and testimony of Heavenly Fathers love. I’m happy you and your family are ok. Prayers are going your way for strength and a speedy recovery.

  18. Thank GOD you are okay!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad that everyone in the family is safe. You are in my prayers and I wish you and the family a speedy recovery.

  19. I am very very glad you all made it through this terrible accident! I posted that on the news website that I didn’t think anyone could live through that accident after what I saw was left of your vehicle. Thank goodness everyone is all right! It sure looked bad.

  20. Charlotte says:

    God is so God. God bless those people that stopped to help. There are good samaritans in this world. I am glad that you and your family are ok.

  21. Thank God you and your family were OK… I Cannot believe that truck… Someone was definitely watching over you guys that day.

  22. Seeing those photos gave me chills! I am so grateful you all are ok! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Be sure to take it easy and let your family take care of you. I know you all will make it to Disney eventually :-)

  23. Oh my gosh! I am so grateful that you and your family are ok. Praise God and I’m praying for your speedy recovery. Hugs to you and your family.

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