Stop The Dramatics On Military Spouse Facebook Pages and Groups!

Yesterday a very informative military spouse Facebook page for where we are stationed was deleted.

Why? I honestly don’t know …It was alot of “she said she said”!

Many people would venture to say I don’t virtually hang out on other military spouse FB pages because I have ArmyWife101 and I don’t want to be bothered with other people’s pages. That is true to an extent in that it is hard to try to maintain a page the proper way and keep a clean image so that others will want to continue to visit. I along with my page moderator spend alot of time on AW101 keeping the “dramatics” from happening. The part that is not true is that I really love visiting other military spouse communities to learn new information. I do despise visiting at times for the following reasoning below.

Back To My Point

In any event this great page where many wives came to learn new information about their new home was deleted. Now granted the admin of the page is entitled to do as she pleases. What happened after she deleted her page is what just made me throw my hands in the air.

No sooner then she deletes the page ,  a new page with the same name pops up, but it wasn’t the original owner or the original page. Some silly immature wives took it upon themselves to snatch the name up, not even a few minutes later and create a page that I literally watched people argue on all night.

Scenarios like this are one of the main reasons why I don’t frequent other FB community pages. It isn’t because I think I am better then anyone else, but it’s because I don’t have time for the pettiness and the lack of understanding some spouses tend to have on there. If you go on any community expect others to share their opinions. You don’t have to like it but really to cause arguments because someone doesn’t agree with you is beyond immature.

On many forums and FB pages you will normally find these types of folks:

The Catfighters

The Detectives

The Trolls

The Lurkers

The Woe Is Me’ers

All of the above are usually the start of drama that enters online communities that should be a learning ground and an information resource for other spouses.

Word of Advice

If you decide to create a FB community page you will need to have tough skin. People will come on your page insult you and create fights in all the name of boredom. You as a owner need as much as I hate this cheesy phrase   to put your “Big Girl Panties” on and moderate accordingly. Don’t let bored people ruin your hard work and everyone else’s experience. If you can’t handle the above, you shouldn’t have a page.

If you are a bored person or one of the people from the list above create your own page or find something productive to do with your time. You my darlings are the wives that have people calling all of us catty!

As for now I am keeping my “LIKE” list to a minimum but I hope that spouses can eventually learn to get along so that others who use the page for it’s true intent don’t have to suffer.

Do you visit other military spouse forums or FB pages?

Share your thoughts below!



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