We Went to Lego Kids Fest 2011…If You’re a Lego Enthusiast or Your Kids Are Keep Reading!

I had the pleasure of attending Lego Kids Fest in Raleigh NC this weekend thanks to the folks at Lego. All I can say is this place is a Lego lovers paradise. Check out the pictures below and the video I did at the fest. We had a ball!

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  1. Brittany G.

    I love mater he is so fuuny! In the town my husband is from they actually have an old tow truck that they turned into Mater :))

  2. zunaira kerr

    p.s. my favorite character has to be hagrid and harry potter from the Harry potter movies bc I am a harry potter nerd lol

  3. Kimberly Farmer

    I love the Toy Story Characters…..my lil man’s favorite movie is Toy Story 3 so I practically have it memorized.

    • sarah hemingway

      whoops I forgot we were supposed to put our fav character from the pictures, we love toy story in our house so I have to say Woody and Buzz!

  4. Toni

    LOL, doh! When the query said “favorite pictures” I assumed it meant the film… from your vlog? Definitely the Toy Story pair :)

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