Will I Be Watching “Military Wives of San Diego” The New Reality Show?…Oh Yea and Here’s Why!

I had alot of time to think this weekend and changed some of my thoughts on this new reality show that casting is currently open for. Check out my thoughts in the video below and feel free to share yours in the comments section below. Whether you agree with me or not I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions. In case you have no idea what I am talking about a new reality show about “Military Wives” is being casted for. You can read all about it here.


Want to know what other spouses are saying…Many comments about this are on the AW101 Facebook Fan Page.



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  1. Georgia

    Well this could be entertaining for certain, and if I lived in San Diego I might consider it-the money would be a big lure. I admit it. Like I said, money won’t make your life great, but it sure does help! If they ever do one in the Fayetteville area I would totally consider it. Why? Because ultimately I could get paid for doing what I already do. How is that bad. I know that I don’t do things that would make me look bad. I can be a butt head and my friends already know this, but overall I am a decent human being. I am sure there will be your stereotypes on the show, and I am OK with that. People have to realize stereotypes came from somewhere, but how many people do you know that if you get right down to it fit into a box. Not anyone I know. I’ll watch the first one, and if its terrible won’t tune in again.

  2. Seasoned AF Spouse

    Why San Diego is a good question. Why not multiple areas?

    I have way too much to say on this topic both pro and con but I’ll just leave it at that. LOL

  3. Brittany Nielsen

    This will be interesting to see. San Diego is more Marine and Navy…but okay. And I agree they should do it other places. I would like to see one down here at Ft. Bliss, TX. With it being so close to the border it would be interesting to see how the spouses change so much. We have to learn Spanish to get a job. Show people that not only do we have to hold the fort down but we also have to change with the cultures that are in the area. We are very well rounded and we are able to adapt to anything. But I will watch and decide if it is truly what Army spouses are about. I hope its not stereotyping us.

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