Did You Really Just Call "The Chain of Command" For That?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Army nor should you take my post as anyone with the authority or power of a commander in the Army. These are my thoughts and those of people I have talked and chatted with. Use your own judgement and if you feel you really need to call the COC then by all means go ahead.

Today a spouse posted on my Facebook Fan Page a situation with her and her husband and that she needed advice. Many spouses recommended the common suggestion of calling the soldier’s COC.

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My co-moderator posted that spouses need to be careful calling COC’s because they are not there to deal with marriage issues (minus suicide, abuse, or PROOF of infidelity).

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I have thought about this question because I too have been guilty of telling a spouse to call the COC. The part that the spouses usually fail to hear me on is when I say “the COC can only help in certain situations and nothing is guaranteed”. They are not their to fix your marriage.

Because of what I do I have had the opportunity to talk with quite a few SNCO’s and higher ups just in passing. Calling in for the below types of situations is what has caused the option of calling the chain of command to be at times abused.

Top Five Reasons

*Spouses have not paid child support at the beginning of the month , but the soldier has until the end of the month to make the payment.

*When soldiers have to work late, spouses calling the COC to verify that their soldier’s are actually working late and why they have to work late? I have had spouses call my husband at 3AM to ask my husband is their husband really on duty.

* Spouses calling in questioning why their spouse is being put on a specific detail outside of their MOS.

* Spouses calling in because they haven’t heard from their spouse in 2 days and demanding that the COC make their soldier call them.

*Spouses calling in wanting a Red Cross message initiated on NON-life threatening or Non emergency situations.

Now by all means please do not take this post as me telling you how to handle your situation because ultimately you have to do what’s best for you . All I am suggesting is to take into consideration that the Chain of Command (in most units) are extremely busy and it is the wives who call for really minor and impractical things that make it bad for the ones who do have a serious situation and really could use the help.

Do you think spouses should be able to call for any reason they want …share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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