So We’re All Sensitive Military Wives Huh?

Does eating twinkies make you a sensitive military wife ?

So it’s no secret , there is a popular FB page that makes light of what is known to be “the stereotypical” military spouse. The page states that in fact they are trying to break this stereotype , you know the one that labels all military wives as fat slobs, women with lots of kids, chicks who carry ACU bags and for some ungodly reason wives who eat twinkies all day (hell twinkies aren’t even good anymore they taste like chemicals). This label also includes wives who are big but who dress in small clothing or wives who are said to be whining or sensitive because they put up what is considered corny phrases such as “proud Army Wife” or list “Mom & Army Wife” under their occupation on their FB pages.

I’m sure a select few will come over here and say that’s not the case but if you find the page trust and believe you will see exactly what I am saying. The question still lies is the page a bit hypocritical considering some of these folks are going out their way to complain about other spouses who aren’t bothering them? Sounds a bit sensitive to me!

Because I am a military spouse blogger for the “common sense challenged” I am going to talk about this , so no whining please!

One last piece of advice…watch the video first before commenting so that you don’t look like a twat wad when you say something that I already addressed in the video.


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