Earn Free Perks By Recycling with the Dream Kiosks In Your Local PX (Exchange)

Image Credit :AAFES

If you are an avid recycler or person who needs alittle motivation to recycle you may be interested in the new machines that are showing up on many US AAFES Exchanges.

According to the AAFES FB page over 200 recycling kiosks have been placed at military bases around the country. In a nutshell you can recycle your cans and plastic in exchange for points that can go towards merchandise, dinners, travel and more.

Some of the places include Blockbuster, Domino’s Pizza plus more.

The machines are said to be easy to use and involve simple touch screen and swiping of a card. I don’t know about you but I like free and quite honestly it’s a win win situation, you get to help the earth and yourself at the same time.

Learn more about the Dream Machine Kiosks!

Does your local PX have a “Dream Machine” and if so have you used it yet?




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