The Chowhall: Need a Football Snack Idea? Try My Favorite Bacon Wrapped Glazed Smokies

Right before I popped them in the oven!

I don’t know a thing about football except it plays on our tv alot but I do like to prep nifty little snacks for my soldier. With the Super Bowl happening soon , now might be the time to get your appetizer list together. This week’s Chowhall recipe I wrote for

See Recipe…



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  1. Courtney

    ooo that sounds good! My husband and I have a recipe with the same concept. we use bacon, cream cheese, sliced jalapenos and Cubed Chicken (that we cook a little in advance) It’s a little bit more complicated with shoving more into the bacon. But you wrap it all in the bacon, and you could probably put it in the oven, but we’ve always made it on the grill.

  2. Army Wife 101

    I loveeeeee loveeeee loveeeee stuffed jalapenos and I haven’t had the chance to have them since last summer. Thanks so much for telling me a different way to make them. The chicken part is new but sounds real tasty!

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