Homecoming Look of The Week: Elegantly Casual

I try to focus on homecoming pictures that coincide with the current weather. I used to believe that just because it was cold meant that you couldn’t wear your arms or shoulders out but when your inside I don’t really think it matters, besides you can wear a small cardigan ,cover-up or bolero.

This week’s homecoming look is what I describe as elegantly casual. With this dress you definitelyknow there is a special event happening but it’s not over the top.

Griselda V.
“Not the best picture of me LOL but my husband came home earlier than exected and I was on a time crunch to find a dress and no store had anything that I was looking for I bought this one at the Buckle my favorite store and the only dress they had and it was in my size!”

What do you like about this look?

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