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Possible Walgreen’s Military Discounts on Tuesdays

So spouses this is not a “IT”S VERIFIED” military discount because I can’t seem to get a clear answer , even when I call the corporate customer service line. When I called this past weekend I was told the usual about the discount being at the discretion of the store and not being a nationwide promotion.

What I can say is it seems that as I have been searching the net many military folks are saying that they have been encountering military discounts at their local Walgreen’s stores on Tuesdays .

I can verify for the Fort Bragg spouses that several Walgreen’s in the Fayetteville and Spring Lake NC area are honoring this promotion as long as you have a valid military ID.

The Details

When: Tuesdays

Where: Call and verify at your local retailer

How much of a discount: 15% of brand name products and 20% off Walgreen brands to include sales and clearance items.

Comment below with your base and if your local Walgreen’s offer a military discount.

Click to see what other spouses are saying about the Walgreen’s near them .




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  1. Lateefat Adekunle says:

    Yes I can testify to that. I got a discount last week Tuesday when I went to Walgreens.Ft Bragg NC.

  2. Leavenworth, ks has the discount!

  3. Walgreens in Fountain, Colorado by Fort Carson gives discount on Tuesdays. :)

  4. Lacey, WA offers discount on Thursdays.

  5. Graham, WA (Ft. Lewis Area) does the discounts on Thursdays

  6. They do give a military discount on Tuesday’s in florida!!

  7. In Va Beach they gave discounts on Tuesdays! Im now in Hawaii and haven’t been to a Walgreens yet..

  8. I went to a Walgreens today in Houston and was told it had been discontinued. I just moved here from Tampa two weeks ago. In Tampa, they were still giving it on Tuesdays. I sent an email to the corporate offices but who knows if/when I’ll receive a response.

  9. the walgreens in Newport News, Va does offer the 15% & 20% discounts on Tuesdays when you show your id but make sure you show it before they begin scanning your items

  10. Walgreens in Colorado Springs, CO gives the discount. I got a ton of stuff after Christmas for dirt cheap!

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