The Combat Pay Debacle…When People Don’t Read!

The other day I got wind of an article on a political blog that panicked  many people into believing that somehow  President Obama was being this horribly mean cruel man and taking away combat pay from our military.

The article I saw (which I refuse to even link) purposely left out the first main paragraph , spun the rest of the actual article and from there it spread like wild fire that somehow the government (mainly the president) had signed this bill to remove combat pay.

While politics is one of those things I avoid with a passion I couldn’t help but vent about the sheer stupidity of some people. While I too own a blog and share information I also make it a point to say to always seek out details for yourself so that you can have the FULL story. People truly need to stop letting band wagon jumpers and folks who are filled with hatred coerce them into believing everything that is thrown their way.

It’s okay to have political beliefs and opinions but how downright ignorant to read something and just become so dead set in opinion that you don’t even bother to read or find out the facts. It’s something especially in the military spouse world that many of us tend to do alot. We hear one thing and it spreads like the flu , with everyone getting up in arms and ridiculous over it and questioning it all to find out you didn’t know what in the world you were talking about.

Lastly let me clarify before I get accused of calling everyone stupid:

I am not referring to people who genuinely didn’t understand this , I am more so referring to the ones who go out there way to tell others that the pay is getting taken away and then go on political and very unintelligent sounding tirades.

So to clarify the combat pay debacle here is my explanation that I posted on Facebook.

In regards to the Hazardous Duty Pay story that everyone swears is getting taken away from our military…IT”S NOT! All it means is that they will get paid for the actual # of days they are in a combat zone. Not so much Army but many times the Airforce can fly into a combat zone for a few days and still draw a full months pay of hazardous pay which is a waste of money. So now what they will do is if you are there 5 days you get 5 days pay, if you are there a full month you get a month. In other words the pay is PRORATED .

In addition according to Veteran Army Wives some military members (those with the power to schedule their own trips) would fly in just a few days before the month ended and then stay one day after the next month began. This allowed them to collect 2 months of Combat Pay when they had only been there a few days. How’s that for blowing a budget!

It makes alot of sense. Alot of political blogs have taken it and spun it around.

Here is the real article:…This is not a political thing it’s called simply reading the actual article.

Spouses stop questioning it. As long as your husband is in a combat zone he is going to get paid.

If you have more FACTS please feel free to add them in the comments section.



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