Stars of Army Wives and Wheel Of Fortune Plus More Attending Annual GI Film Festival

I could go on for days how I’ve always dreamed of attending the Cannes Film Festival or the Sundance Film Festival and possibly get to view what could become world wide famous movies and hobnob with the stars. Fortunately I’ll spare you my daydreams!

Imagine my surprise when I recently learned there is a Annual GI Film Festival which is the only military themed film festival. Guests can expect to see celebs, film screenings, red carpet parties plus more. Although I am not familiar with this festival I am all for anything that brings awareness to our military. In addition to veteran producers in the film industry there will be films from first time film makers. Panel discussions and more are expected to be part of the lineup. This is an awesome way to bring true light to what it is our heroes do.

So what else grabbed my attention? Well let’s just say it’s no secret that I have a crush on all the male stars of “Army Wives”.  Can you say I’m swooning over “General Holden” ahem I mean Brian McNamera…yes yes he will be there. Of course one of my other”Army Wives” favorites “Roxy” aka Sally Pressman will be there as well.

In addition attendance is expected by Ross Perot(former Presidential Candidate), Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak and Actor Joe Mantegna amongst others.

The festival is scheduled to take place May 14th-May 20th in Washington and is open to the public .

Tickets can be purchased at

Check out a preview of the 2012 GIFF:




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