Are Some Military Families Overreacting?…Are Troops Really Part of That 47% That Romney Mentioned???

Let me assure you that I don’t get into political hoo-haa on Army Wife 101 because it’s just not my thing to argue back and forth plus I have lots of friends from every side of the spectrum and I really do learn a lot from all of my friends who share a wide range of political perspectives.

All that aside this is still a military lifestyle blog and while I am not particularly discussing my views I did want to share one of those infamous Facebook pieces that has already made it’s way through the social media highway because it has to do with the …MILITARY!

The piece is said to have been from a soldier writing to Romney in regards to the now infamous “47% comments”.

I wanted to share it, because before I saw it just a few minutes ago I pondered this thought on Facebook earlier this morning ” I wonder if our troops who don’t pay taxes while deployed were included in that number”? 

I am fair when it comes to speaking politics and will only throw out facts from either side so when I asked the question I was genuinely seeking to know if I was the only who had that same thought.

The piece is said to have been written by a soldier and since the 47% incident was revealed only a few days ago I can only assume this is not one of those snopes pieces that has been circulating the net for years, although I am sure it will turn into one but that is yet to be known.

“Dear Mitt Romney
The vast majority of my income last year was “tax excluded” which resulted in me paying no income tax. Additionally, I was the recipient of a number of government “entitlements,” including Basic Allowance for Housing, Basic Allowance for Sustenance, Family Separation Allowance, Hazardous Duty Pay and Hostile Fire Pay. Oh, and for most of the year, I enjoyed 3 (and sometimes 4) meals a day on the government dime, as was my healthcare. Apparently this places me with 47% of the American public who are “victims” that are “dependent upon the government” and “pay no income taxes.” By your own comments, my inclusion in this group indicates that you neither count on, or even want my vote. Further, according to you, it is not your job “to worry about” me.
First, I would point out that you are running for President of the United States – a position that includes the job as Commander in Chief. Perhaps I am wrong in my understanding that a major part of that job was to be “concerned with” the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who fall under that command. Your comments indicate that you are not at all prepared for this task.
While it was unlikely that you would have received my vote prior to the publication of these comments, your chances now stand somewhere between slim and none…but, since I’m in the 47% I guess you weren’t really counting on it anyway…”

Some say military and their families are overreacting in sharing the same thoughts written in the letter above.

Do you think military are part of that 47% why or why not?



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