Attention Military Homeschooling Families: 50% Military Discount from Early Learning Academy

While I am not a homeschooling parent I know I have several readers who do and I thought this discount would be great to share with you that I was just sent. is offering a 50% discount to military families through September 20th. Families that register for the discount will receive one year’s worth of access to the extensive online curriculum, which offers more than 450 lesson plans and 3,500 activities, for $45. For families on a rigid monthly budget, the discount offers a $15 installment payment option, as well. You can add up to three children to a family account, so it’s a great deal for families with little ones who use online learning tools as part of their home school curriculum.

The site is a learning site for children ages 2-6 and teaches everything from reading , math and social studies to music , games and art plus more!

You can visit ABC Mouse for more details.



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