Reader Request :Krystel Gets Her Eyebrows Waxed (Video)

I got an unusual email request two weeks ago from Antonia K. asking me about getting my eyebrows waxed. She lives here in the Fort Bragg area and has never had her eyebrows done and wanted to know the process and what it feels like.

I recently went to get my eyebrows done this past weekend and decided to film some of the process. Once the lady begin to tweeze I had to put the Iphone camera down else I would have probably dropped it because I am not a fan of tweezing.

Either way I wanted to give you an idea of what happens at a waxing and tell you that it really isn’t that bad. Just be calm breathe and relax.  The hot wax going across your eyebrow actually feels pretty good hehe!

Excuse the awful angle of the camera my chin area looks like a turkey neck or something!





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