Bed & Breakfast Already Have Begin Offering Free Stays In Honor Of Veteran’s Day!

It’s been offered the past few Veteran’s Days and this year B&B’s nationwide again will offer service members and their families a chance to stay in their inns for free or at a discounted rate on Sunday November 11, 2012 (Veteran’s Day).

Over 400+ inns participate in this yearly thank you from B&B owners around the country.

While this offer begins to get more promotion towards the upcoming Veteran’s Day holiday, is it very popular and many B&B’s are already completely booked.

A recent article I read stated that you can find available deals at BnBsForVets.Org but also mentioned that some innkeepers don’t always get a chance to upload their promotions right away so sometimes it’s best to call just to see what they may be offering.

In addition I personally think this is offer is great for National Guardsman who tend to be at remote locations and are not always close to where the popular military discounts are offered. In this case many of the B&B’s are in smaller more quaint areas where you won’t find large military installations.

For anyone stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia I highly suggest you take advantage of the fact that you are near some of the most beautiful bed and breakfast inns in the country.

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