Recommended Mailing Dates for Christmas Care Packages Plus Discounted Priority Package Rate

Yes I know Halloween still isn’t here and we are no where close to Thanksgiving , yet somehow we are talking about mailing dates for Christmas care packages!

The truth the holidays are upon us and believe it or not it’s already time to start marking your calendars to make sure your loved ones serving overseas get those goodies you are going to send them in time for Christmas Day.

Before we get to the recommended dates set by the United States Postal Service I wanted to remind you that for those who want to get more for their buck and use the largest flat rate box, you will be able to do so with a $2 discount leaving you with a discounted price of $13.45 per box you send.

Recommended Mailing Dates:


Get official information here.



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  1. Ashley

    If you are going to send anything Space A please get them sent NOW! The APO system is moving super slow right now and it’s taking forever to get mail over here to Belgium at least. We are still waiting on things we ordered months ago and my mom’s boxes are taking 4 weeks to get here and that is with her sending them priority. Happy Holidays!

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