Sneak Peek of OWN’s New Reality Series Married To The Army: Alaska …Is This The Real Housewives of the Army Wives?

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Back in April I wrote about a potential new reality show on the OWN network about a group of Army wives in Alaska. That show is finally here and thanks to Angela at Homefront United for posting the clip, I was able to check it out.

I have to be honest and say that I totally indulge in reality TV because there is nothing else on. Well let me rephrase that at certain times of the year there is nothing else good on except “The Walking Dead” does premiere this weekend and I am stoked . I digress!

As I was saying I do indulge in the occasional reality show so I certainly will be watching but I already can see the invisible “dislike” button being pressed because we all know that a lot of Army wives hate to be painted in a bad light.

Now the preview is just 1:49 seconds and I do detect some drama will happen but I also can say that in just that short trailer I think this show will certainly paint a realistic picture of how challenging the military lifestyle can be, the good times and the bad.

For those who will be super concerned I think it helps that the show is actually backed by the Pentagon and it is on Oprah’s Network and her shows tend to have more substance then just drama.


What do you think of the preview?

Married to the Army: Alaska premieres November 18th at 10PM EST on OWN.



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  1. Pattie

    Well, I’m an Air Force wife here, same area (JBER; they’re focusing only on the Army wives, but we’re a joint base up here), and I can attest to both the moose nuggets and the snow and cold making everything more difficult. I don’t know any of the ladies in the show but look forward to watching.

  2. I didn’t realize they were actually creating a “real” army wives reality show. I definitely will be watching and from the video clip it does appear to be realistic which is definitely a plus.

  3. Ashley

    Oh good God… this is a disaster waiting to happen..even if it is back by the pentagon.. That means zero. You can’t control women lol.. seriously.. I may have to watch this train wreck.

  4. Celeste Willis

    I have been dying for this to happen in Hawaii….I think my neighborhood alone would be worth an entire season!

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