Service Member Welcomed Home By Flashmob At Disney World Resort

I love Disney even though that darn accident stopped us from getting there last time. Even still I have been dying to get to their new Disney Art of Animation resort which is gorgeous.

Any-who if you love Disney and our military then you are going to love this video that writer Whit Honea caught while visiting the “best place on earth”.

While the dancing at the beginning was a little cheesy , the ending was well worth it!




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  1. Amber Dooley

    That was so cute!!! Definitely a great place to surprise your family!
    ps have u seen the proposal one? That one is really cute also. I think you may have posted it on FB last week but I can’t remember who did.

  2. Amy H.

    That is so neat! I love Disney! In 2009 my husband & I went to Disneyland for 4th of July weekend because that was the year they had the amazing military discount on tickets plus the great rate for hotel stay. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel & when we checked in, the hotel employee saw that my husband was military & he asked us, “Do you feel magical?” We looked at each other then back at him & said hesitantly “yes…” He upgraded our stay to a suite with a pretty view. Soo nice! I’ll probably always remember that & what a good time we had.

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