Did We Just Go Back To The 1950’s With This Women In Combat Thing?


Yesterday the Pentagon announced that it would lift the ban on women serving in combat in the military. This means that MOS that are strenuous and require a great bit of physical strength such as Infantry would now be open to females.

Like I normally do with any issue that is military related I placed up a question on the AW101 FB page for  topic of discussion in which I asked “Pentagon announced that it will lift ban on women in combat. Thoughts?”. What initially was me just casually posting a topic for the sake of convo became an eye opener to what some military spouses really thought of other women serving along side their husbands in combat and furthermore serving in the military period.

To be fair of those who don’t agree with women serving in combat jobs I will say that I can understand as a woman maybe automatically feeling more protective of a fellow woman because well she is a female , other then that I have to respectfully disagree.

While the general consensus was “women can do anything men can do” it was the comments that insinuated that women were somehow less then that bothered me.

There were comments on things such as women’s hygiene, to menstrual periods to how will they urinate. Those were just some of the minuscule ones.

For years we (women) have struggled to gain equal ground on everything from our pay, education , equal employment opportunities and even the right to vote. I knew some military wives were traditional but did we really go back to the June Cleaver era too?

For the record women have been doing arduous tasks for years now in the military. Do you think that all medics on the front lines are men? What about those women who are 88M (truck drivers) who are driving down those long roads possibly lined with IED’s or female military police officers. There are male soldiers who don’t weigh 125 pounds soaking wet so what gives the mindset that a women can’t do a job that a small male can do? I know plenty of women who are incredibly strong mentally and physically.

I think people forget that these women will have to go through training or their MOS and not every woman will qualify just as every man won’t. Every man also isn’t cut out to do infantry so what is the difference?

As I was in a comment discussion on a FB friends page a woman who shared the same thoughts I did stated that she too was “floored by the biblical rants that our place is to nurture etc. And the PMS comments, made by women! Just stunning that we continue to denigrate our sisters, that we fall on these stereotypes and pronounce our own ignorance with pride!”.

She couldn’t be more right! How hypocritical of some women to say the above but on the other hand want to be looked at as independent and equal to men.

Do those who are against this understand that you are in danger period when you are in a combat zone and that chances are adrenaline (and not whether you are a man or women) will determine how you will react to when it comes to pulling someone out of harms way.

Some military spouses speculated that those who weren’t fond of the idea didn’t like the idea of women being in the sometimes extra close proximities that being in an infantry unit would sometimes require, but hey don’t shoot the messenger!

Conversation on this topic was viral yesterday on Facebook. My readers love to chat on our fan page so take a look at the 200+ comments they shared here.



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