My How Things Change When You Buy A Home

As any person who is military or part of a military family knows, we move ALOT in comparison to the average person. We embrace it and we become used to it. If you have only lived on base or rented then you become accustomed to the privileges of living on post. You know the lawn maintenance, calling housing when something needs to be repaired and essentially enjoying the perk of not freaking out when something goes wrong because you are not responsible for it.

Unfortunately for many (not all) the process of becoming a homeowner or actually being one is a shock. There is alot owning a home entails and so many things you should be prepared for from the start of the move to the end.

As you know I am all about fun and not making things so serious. I recently shared with you the Lifelock for Life Game on the AW101 FB fan page.

In the mist of that fun Lifelock wants to share with you some tips for the homebuying process that will help to assist you in keeping safe from ID Theft, something that tends to be a big issue especially for military folks.

1. Keeping Extra Track of Purchases

This is something you should do regardless. It is even more important to do when buying a home since there will most likely be more purchases then usual.

2.  Backgrounds On Movers

Although the military tends to provide movers for us, in some cases we may have to get our own set of movers. Always check your movers with the Better Business Bureau and keep important documents with you and not in sight of the movers. Investing in a safe is also great too so when the movers do have to move it you can feel safe that they can’t access the documents.

3.  Pay Bills In The Safest Manner Possible

When purchasing a home credit is always important so be sure to watch out if you are on the phone and paying bills. Lifelock recommends never doing it in earshot of anyone to avoid personal information being obtained.

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Disclosure: I am a compensated ambassador for Lifelock and as usual any and all opinions are my own.



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