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Welcome Traci Moran from Married To The Army: Alaska To Army Wife 101

Hey all!
My name is Traci Moran and I am an extremely proud Army wife. I married my husband 3 years ago while he was stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and followed him to our home in Fort Richardson, Alaska.
Shortly after relocating to Alaska, we became pregnant with our precious daughter Mckinley who is now 1.5 years old!
I am a Baltimore, Maryland native and as my mom always says, I tend to bring the ‘Baltimore attitude’ with me everywhere I go. I am an opinionated, loud, sarcastic, HUGE hearted girl.
Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, though! I’m so excited to share my thoughts with all of you and to hear your responses! Thanks for reading :-)
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  1. Welcome Traci.I am so excited to see you here.

  2. Katie owens says:

    Welcome Traci!!!! My husband received orders for Alaska, we will be moving there in two months I am really excited

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