1 Minute Sneak Preview of Me on HLN


Over the last few weeks you have seen me sharing and encouraging you to tune into a new show I and several other influential bloggers will be appearing on weekly called “Raising America” hosted by former CNN and now HLN news anchor and reporter Kyra Phillips which premieres tomorrow 2/4/14 at 12pm EST.

The show does what no other show has and discusses topics that truly hit home from the perspective of parents. When I say we are talking about it…we really are talking about it all!

While I will be on the show weekly (every Tuesday around 12:30PM) some of the HLN team came to my home before the holidays and filmed a day in the life feature on me.

That feature should air soon and I will let you know when, but in the mean time here is a sneak peek of it:

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our premiere and join in our Raising America Watch Party!

See ya on the tube!



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