Behind The Blogger: Krystel from AW101 Shares How She Built Army Wife 101 & What Really Happens Behind Those TV Homecomings!


Today was the day I had been waiting for . Back in December some of you might remember that HLN News came to my home here outside of Fort Bragg , North Carolina and spent the day with me.

They wanted to get to know the crazy woman behind this blog and I was more then honored to share my daily life with them. Over the past two years so many of you have asked me how to start a blog and how I built this one.

Some of you have just been curious how I spend my daily life.

HLN showcased my “Behind The Blogger” segment today on “Raising America” and for those who missed it , I wanted to share it with you below:

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  2. Deni

    I love the comment your daughter made :) You have given your children so much to be proud of. It’s inspiring to check in and be able to follow you as you affect the world.

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