I Am 31 Years Old Today And It Feels Good!

When I turned 30 I distinctly remember bitching and moaning to my amazing readers on my FB page about how I was sad over the fact I would no longer be in my 20’s.


Of course through your encouragement (and the fact I couldn’t stop time lol) thirty came and went and today February 25th I write this post at a solid 31 years old.

I think when we are younger we completely take being young for granted. We know we will grow older but it seems like light years away. Then all of a sudden ten years pass and you are 30 before you have time to absorb it. I used to say I guess all the years after that will be no big deal.

I was wrong because every year is a HUGE DEAL. While I try not to get to deep on you all, there are so many people who will never see  31 or any years after that.

So while I jokingly complain about that gray hair I found, or some physical aspect of me changing I am so forever grateful that I am allowed to be here another day to complain about those things.

I won’t say that I look forward to all the physical ailments that come with aging but I certainly intend on embracing my sexy for as long as I can.

Happy Birthday to all my fellow readers who share the same birthday as me!



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  2. Shannon

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy your special day. Glad to have you around another year. One of my favorite bloggers ever! Thank you for all your support on AW101!

  3. Missy

    Hope you had a fabulous bday! :)
    I’m coming up on 40 (!!!) and I promise, the saying is true- you only feel as old as you act! Enjoy your 30’s-the best is yet to come! (And I should know lol!)

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