BUNCO Puts Me In a Funk-O


That’s right, I said it!  I feel free just typing those words.  I DO NOT LIKE BUNCO!  Really, my eyes roll back in my head at the mention of the game. I first heard of this “bunco” when I was newly married and living in Germany.  A neighbor asked if I wanted to “sub” in her Bunco group and also mentioned that this was a big deal because she was in the “best” group on post.  I got the impression that I should have been thankful to get the invite.  I made a dish (which was some sad looking dip, I was not much of a cook) and took it over to the address of the hostess.  All night I felt like I was missing out on something.  I just did not get the excitement the ladies had over a dice game.  I did not understand the rules and according to different ladies the game should be played different than the hostess was playing.  It was a confusing night for me, so I drank a bottle of wine and then went home when the game was over.  I was “busy” the next time they asked me to sub.

Years later at another post I was asked to start a Bunco group.  I figured why not, because I could make my own rules.  Invite 12 people besides myself and then I get to walk around and eat, talk and drink while they played!

That was the only time I ever enjoyed Bunco and I doubt I will again.

When I move to a new place, the ladies always bring it up.  The thing they tell me to rope me in is that they are just getting together to eat, drink and chat.  Oh, I am wise to this now.  There might be one or two ladies there to eat and drink, but most of them are really competitive and actually get mad when you roll a bad number.  Believe me, I have even seen people lunge across a table to grab some dice.

If I want to have a party where we eat, drink and chat, I call it a party, not Bunco.  I by no means think badly of those that play the game religiously.  I am just missing the gene that likes to play Bunco.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on “theme” Bunco!  I am a grown woman and I do not want to wear a Halloween costume in the middle of April to go play a dice game.

To each their own…just remember if I move to your neighborhood, please don’t invite me to Bunco…invite me to hang out and chat, not count dice!




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