Kids Military Action Figures On Cupcakes Equals Insensitive to the Sandy Hook Tragedy?



When I think of the Sandy Hook tragedy I think of beautiful innocent children who lives were cut short by the deranged mind of a psycho killer.

I certainly don’t connect that with soldiers who defend our country and allow us the majority of the freedoms we have.

A little boy in Michigan recently attempted to celebrate his birthday like most kids , by bringing theme adorned cupcakes to school.

According to the Yahoo article the boys mom dropped them off at the front desk where apparently the secretary even complimented them. Not even 30 minutes after the mom had left she received a call from the school asking her to come and pick the cupcakes up because they were topped with little Army action figures that held guns. She was told according to Fox News” the  principal branded the military-themed cupcakes “insensitive” in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting”.

*As a side note when I saw the title of the original article I assumed that the cupcakes were taken since they were homemade. In my kids schools we cannot send in homemade items*.

I get it some parents don’t want their kids exposed to guns whatsoever. At the same time are we going to far removing figurines which have been a past time of children’s play for decades?

How dare this school associate the F&^$#@ up psychotic individual who killed people to WWII action figures. Naysayers will say no it’s not that the principal is associating the military but just the usage of guns is not a good thing.

Well the question is when are we going to far?

Last week “Raising America” did a story on a school who suspended a 7 year old for eating his freaking Poptart into the shape of a gun. Another story came out about a little girl who was suspended for bringing a “Hello Kitty” bubble gun to school and before that a 5 year old boy was threatened with suspension for making a gun figure out of legos.

We as a society have gone overboard with “political correctness”. The things we should be PC about we aren’t and the things we have done in society for years as part of pop culture and history we are becoming overly PC about.

For the record kids making gun figures is not what causes kids to grow up and shoot people. Parents need to spend more time helping their kids to distinguish fantasy and entertainment from reality instead of suppressing kids normal playtime and creativity. If this were the case we wouldn’t have to be so over the top and PC about everyday things kids do.

No wonder the world is so uptight these days, people can’t do anything without the possibility of crucifiction.

Do you think the school overreacted?



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