Yup I Do My Own Taxes For Protection LOL!


I’ve been doing my taxes for years by myself. Much of the reason why has to do with the fact that I hated the fees we were being charged at those tax preparation places and I really felt like I cared about my taxes more then they did. They weren’t going to take the time to go through them like I would.

One of my biggest reasons for handling my own tax preparation was to keep my information safe and prevent my personal information from floating around in so many people’s hands.

Lifelock has been really big on keeping me in the loop with their tips on safeguarding my tax information and since us military folks are high on the list for identity theft , I thought I would share some of their tips with you.

Tax Safety Tips:

* Feel free to send your taxes in via the mailbox but that is alot of personal information to leave hanging in the mailbox.

* Don’t store tax files on your computer. Save them to a CD or USB drive and keep them in a secure location.

*Protect others this tax season. If you find an IRS website that doesn’t start with http://www.irs.gov , report it to phishing@irs.gov.

*Don’t pay an identity thief’s taxes. A Stolen Social security number can be used to gain employment under your name.

*If you are filing electronically, remember to use a strong password!



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