Life With Krystel: I Dressed Red White and Blue Plus My Family of 4 Eats For Under $25 Unlimitedly!

This weekend was a lazy one for the most part. I had every intention of taking the kids to the movies but after I spent money on groceries and taking them out to eat plus shopping for their Summer clothes , I was not going to spend another $11 bucks per person for the movies!

I was in a frugal mood and too lazy to cook so I took the kids to where I knew we could eat unlimitedly…Cici’s Pizza Buffet. For the Fort Bragg folks there are like 3 Cici’ in Fayetteville alone and then one right outside the Butner Gate here in Spring Lake. Honestly it’ a good deal because adults eat for $3.99 per person and kids under 10 eat at $2.99 per child.


While the pizza is definitely not the New York style huge slices that you can fold with alittle oil dripping from the cheese, it’s pretty good and you have many type to choose from. Some include ham and pineapple , spinach , BBQ chicken plus more. You also can get dessert which includes their fresh out of the oven gooey cinnamon roles with icing and brownies. They also have a small salad bar and pasta plus bread sticks. They are also on Instagram and if you follow them you can join in on some of their challenges to earn freebies!

Anyway after that we headed to do some clothes shopping for the kids. While shopping for the kids I picked up the below shirt to wear out that night to have a drink with one of my friends. Lately I have this obsession with these sheer like shirts so I was happy t have found this one for $12 at a store I totally despise “Citi Trends”.


I also picked out this comfy stretchy cotton blue and white striped Maxi type dress for $7 . It will probably shrink after one wash but oh what the hell it was cute and comfy.

Blue and white plus size maxi dress

Here were my sandals:


I posted this picture on the FB fan page and many of you asked where I got them. I got the dress and shoes both from Citi Trends. Total outfit was $14. I also had to wear some support up under that dress lol!

I think I might just wear this for the 4th of July !

If you are in Fort Bragg I got some great deals on shorts and shirts for my kids …brand name stuff was on sale for $5.

Oh and then yesterday I didn’t feel like cooking because I usually boycott cooking on the weekends so we went here:

Hope you all had a great weekend…Happy Monday!



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  1. Cici’s is more expensive here (Fort Bliss). They’re running a special where adults eat for five bucks this month so I imagine it’s twice as expensive here normally.
    I was surprised when I went to Citi Trends. I actually got 2 of my favorite dresses there. My sister jokes around and sings the commercial to me sometimes. Oh, Fayetteville.

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