Digiorno Pizzeria Style Family Pizza Night At Home

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Being a New Yorker and Long Guylander I am consider myself a certified pizza-ologist . I grew up with some of the best pizza joints and relished in every minute of oooey gooey cheesiness. When I moved South , that kind of came to an end and on occasion I come across a good piece but it’s rare.

My family recently had the chance to try out pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® a new line of pizzas that are inspired by the awesome taste of the pizza you get from Pizzerias. The pizzas have a preservative free crust , no artificial flavors and are drizzled with EVOO.


Although I technically can’t have any I did try out a piece before my kids and husband devoured it. The first thing I really loved is the way the pizza cut. Normally other frozen pizzas break apart when I cut them with a pizza cutter. The Digiorno Pizzeria style pizzas cut so evenly just like in a real pizza shop, and with one run through of the pizza cutter.


There are 4 different kinds of pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® :


 pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Quattro Formaggi/Four Cheese features the perfect
bubbling combination of mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses.

 pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Supreme Speciale offers a delectable blend of premium
meats and vegetables including Italian sausage, premium pepperoni, red and green
peppers and caramelized onions.

pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Primo Pepperoni takes a classic to new heights, with the
perfect combination of savory pepperoni and premium cheeses.

 pizzeria! from DIGIORNO®
Italian Meat Trio features an antipasto-inspired
combination of premium meats including pepperoni, Italian sausage and Genoa salami.


My family really enjoyed the Primo Pepperoni ALOT! It was a pretty decent crusty crust and the cheese was soo good. I loved the meaty pepperoni to and all around the pizza was really flavored well. It truly did taste and smell like a pizza from a shop. It cooked pretty fast too and was done in less then 20 minutes.

Although I am a meat eater , it would be cool to have some more veggies added but this is good stuff.

You can purchase Digiorno Pizzeria Pizzas in your local supermarket frozen food section.

Also visit the Digiorno Facebook page to get a free coupon.




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