Fashion Forward Friday: It’s Sort of About the Animal Print

Disclosure: As a Gwynnie Bee Blogger I receive a complimentary subscription. This post also contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and trust me if their is something I don’t like you will certainly know.

If you read last week’s Gwynnie post you may have saw that I am loving the simple tunic dress tops that I  pair with leggings underneath or maybe none at all.

This week I have another simple tunic look that I really liked. This time the tunic print top or dress was from Evans via Gwynnie Bee.


I paired these with one of the cheap pairs of Just My Size Leggings from Walmart. In addition a pair of jewel adorned slide in sandals. The look was good for a simple day out or even a cool Summer evening.

I used to be afraid to wear animal prints but I am slowly stepping out of that. I think I did a pretty good job with this black , grey and white leopard print.

I do have to admit that I think I could have went smaller in the look because I almost felt like the shirt was a bit maternity top looking on me. I believe that had alot to do with the size. All that aside the material was comfortable and not hot at all. This is the great part about Gwynnie Bee , if you really like an item you can send back and try another size until you find what fits you best.

I know you maybe wondering about accessories. For me personally I am not an accessories person because I tend to break them or lose them. That being said I don’t see why this could be paired with a small bracelet or necklace. For me personally I feel like the neckline is alittle to high for that.

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