Women Fired For Anti- Military Comments Made on Facebook…Did The Military Community Go To Far Or Did She?

I recently received quite a few messages and emails about the FB post below:


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Carmike Cinemas ( the woman in question’s now former place of employment) has since fired Meagan May from her newly promoted position as a manager and released the following statement on their Facebook page:


Image Credit: wibwnewsnow

Of course her rant somehow managed to go viral (and got more attention then it deserved) causing her to receive everything from death threats, threatening her child, to random people calling her job which apparently worked since she was fired.

A few years ago I probably would have lit this woman a new arse hole and would have been pretty pissed. I wouldn’t go as far as others but I certainly would have talked my fair share of trash. However, in recent years I have become more of a realist and I’ve started to ask myself the question are we military spouses (ill focus on us since this is a military spouse blog) contradicting ourselves when we say” My husbands fights for you to have that right” but yet when someone uses free speech directed at the military we become enraged?

Am I mad at the woman in question? No! Do I think she is ignorant? Yes I believe she is ignorant and misinformed but causing someone to lose their job is a bit over kill for me. Why are so many going as far as making death threats? You already have people calling military personnel murderers, but yet we feed right in with violence.

I think some of  us members of the military community might need to start accepting that not everyone is a hardcore patriot and not everyone supports the military. I cringe typing that because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to support people who give their lives both mentally and physically, even if they don’t support the reason we are overseas. It’s obvious they exist just click here to see what happen to Retired Army General David Petraeus as he walked to his new job as a professor at CUNY college a week or so ago. He was verbally attacked and heckled.

Side note: This is proof we need to watch everything we say on social media!

I’d love to hear your thoughts…share them below!



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