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#CordSafety Twitter Party With Cash Prizes Hosted By Army Wife 101 & NextGenMilspouse

I remember living at Hunter Army Airfield and hearing a story of a small child on another base who had lost their life due to something that many of us still have in our homes…window cords. The cords that hang on your window blinds in your home are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. Each year infants and small children die due to accidental strangulation because of long window cords.

Older window coverings tend to be found in homes on military bases and should be retrofitted and replaced with new coverings.

October has been declared National Window Covering Safety Month. I ( Krystel from Army Wife 101) am proud to host a Twitter Party along with co-host Adrianna from (Next Gen Milspouse) on behalf of the Window Covering Safety Council and share tips on how to make your window coverings safer to prevent tragic accidents.

We’d love for military and non- military alike to join us as we seek to share tips, learn helpful info and have alittle fun in the process.

RSVP by leaving your Twitter name in the comments below.

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  3. Such an important cause! I’ll be tweeting to spread awareness!
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