Military Spouse Problem #2456: Ooops I Accidentally Gave You My Husband’s Social Security Number

Those were the words I muttered recently as I was filling out a form that required my Social Security number. Then it happened today just a few minutes ago (hence the reason for this post) while I was filling out a W-9. I managed to enter all of my other information correctly, and with no hesitation I began to type the first three digits of my husband’s social security number before I caught my error.

In that very moment my life flashed before my eyes. All I could imagine was hitting the submit button on that form and going to jail for fraud because I hadn’t realized that I tried to steal my husband’s identity unintentionally. I would wind up jailbait and be “Big Brenda’s” side piece! It wouldn’t even be my fault that I went to jail. Technically it would be the militaries fault for making me memorize his social security number for everything I ever wanted or needed in military life . Sure they have changed things up now pertaining to social security numbers alittle because of identity theft concerns, however just a few short years ago you needed your man’s numerical ID to survive for any and everything.


As I sat here staring at that W-9 I couldn’t help but wonder were there other forms out there I had filled out and put his SS number without my knowledge in the past? Had I naively become some sort of preconditioned military spouse robot who forgot her own identity? I thought about the times I had made calls to inquire about a bill of some sorts and they asked me for my SS number and I begin to give them his. Then there were the times shock would take me over when they asked for mine and I stutter a bit trying to remember it. I’d get flustered and then I start thinking they are going to report me because I sound like I am a scammer, when in all actuality I just temporarily forgot!

Military wife problem #2,456!

Have you ever almost given your spouse’s social security number instead of yours?



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