It Was A #SweetHalloween With Crest And Oral B

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Yesterday marked one of our favorite days around here in my household…Halloween! My son dressed up a ninja and my daughter couldn’t just be a princess or something cute, instead she chose to be some crazy killer person from a movie. It frightened me too much to even ask details. Even more frightening to me as a parent is someone waking up with a toothache.

Check out this video from Crest of them replacing kids Halloween candy with things like seaweed lollipops and Tofu Marshmallows. The kids reactions are hilarious!

I bought 6 bags of candy and our guests who came to participate in the festivities also bought candy over . In total we had 10 bags of candy and I was left with 10 pieces when I was done. That’s alot of candy and alot of teeth that I hope get brushed good. Luckily my little guests and my kids did not have to worry because we lucked up and were able to have a #SweetHalloween gathering thanks to the good peeps  at Crest and Oral-B. I try to be a fun mom and not take the fun out of Halloween by banishing their candy privileges, however we do have some rules.

1. They are limited to 4 pieces a day.

2. Teeth normally get brushed 2x a day anyway but the first  few days after Halloween we go for a 3rd time after school since that’s when they consume the most candy.

3. They must drink water when eating that candy. I have no proof that does anything but it seems like it may clean up some of that sugar residue in their mouth.

4. They must rinse their mouths either with water or mouthwash. Whenever I eat candy (rarely) I can feel that sugar coating on my teeth yuck.

 We had a few people over last night while we passed out candy. Here is my best friend’s daughter telling us what she is going to do after she brushes her teeth!

 Nothing is more horrifying than a Halloween without candy. This Halloween feel free to indulge your sweet tooth, because Crest and Oral-B have you covered. Crest and Oral-B can help address that Halloween “candy hangover” with products to help you maintain a healthy smile. Using Crest Pro-Health Healthy Fresh Toothpaste, Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse, and the Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Toothbrush can provide up to 4x better plaque reduction with regular use vs. a regular manual toothbrush and regular anti-cavity toothpaste. Implementing such a routine can help improve the overall health of your mouth, including protecting against cavities, gingivitis, and plaque. 

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