Why We Love Military Moms

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  ~Elizabeth Stone

Becoming a mother changes absolutely everything. You have created, laughed, cried, struggled, delighted, sacrificed and loved. Add to this the complexities of military life, and you transform into a unique source of resilience, experience, strength and beauty.

Military moms come from all walks of life. You may have planned your baby, been surprised by pregnancy, underwent fertility treatment, struggled with loss, or chose to adopt.

You represent a variety of military branches, but walk similar journeys with shared experiences — and we love you for it.

Today we honor you, the military mom who:

  • Experienced pregnancy without your spouse there to support you.
  • Delivered your baby without your partner by your side.
  • Introduced your baby to your spouse for the first time at homecoming.
  • Held down the homefront and assumed the roles of both parents.
  • Created a home, again and again, understanding that is a feeling, not a location.
  • Sought a village when you were far from your family and your hometown.
  • Kept it together when you wanted to break down and cry.
  • Experienced periods of immense stress, yet remained strong for your children.
  • Felt the sadness of your little ones when you announced that it was time to move again.
  • Projected consistency and normalcy in an ever-changing and uncertain lifestyle.
  • Made time to play and read one more story before bed, even though exhausted.
  • Encouraged optimism and love during periods of sadness and fear.
  • Served our country, wore combat boots and savored the moment you could hold your child at the end of the workday.
  • Loved your children from afar while you deployed for months at a time. You savored photos, video chats, and you counted the days to your reunion.
  • Wondered if your son/daughter would someday, too, join the military.
  • Sent your grown child off to war wanting nothing more than his/her safe return.

We are stronger because of you, your love and your sacrifices. For all you are and all you do, we thank you, honor you and appreciate you.



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