Submit Your Haunted Military Base Stories And Win Amazon Gift Cards

Every year since 2014 our readers have enjoyed our “Haunted Base Tales” series. These are true stories from military spouses and dependents of their encounters with paranormal activity on military installations worldwide.

Military bases are known for being hubs of haunted activity. A lot of this is attributed to the age and history of these historic areas where in many cases battles along with other grizzly incidents have occurred.


It’s that time of year again and we want to hear your stories. This year we are want to do something special for those who are brave enough to share their ghostly tales. People who submit a tale (must be real… not made up) will be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon Gift Cards. Submissions are accepted until October 31st at. You’ll be notified by email if you are a winner so be sure to check your spam.

Ready to share your story? Simply fill out the form below. If you have a picture to accompany the post email to with the name of the base and street so that we know what story to match it too. If for some reason the form below doesn’t work CLICK HERE to submit your story and be entered to win a gift card!





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