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A Military Set Family Comedy Coming To FOX and It’s Funny!!!

In the midst of all the reality shows and talks shows out there I the TV queen am always on the lookout for a good comedy. I love to laugh and in the military life who can’t use a good hearty, ugly ,boisterous, explosion of laughter every so often …right! I recently received word that… Read more »

Daytime TV Show “The Doctors” Honors Military Tomorrow & Military Vet Injured In Iraq Surprises With Marriage Proposal

Being the TV junky I am , I am a huge fan of the Daytime TV show “The Doctors”. I mostly tune in to see Dr. Travis (Stork) for the eye candy. However, I do love all the information they share about health and the fun format in which it’s presented. I am excited to… Read more »

Betrayed: Special Incentive Pays Could Be Gone By Dec 31st Plus Cuts to Current and Future Military Retirees Pensions…If Your Spouse Is A Lifer and Plans on Retiring or Receives Special Pays Then You Need To Read This!!!!

So there are plenty of military news websites that will give you the news with the big fancy words and you will damn near need a degree in “whatthehelldoesthatmean-eology” to figure out. Fortunately I don’t have that particular degree and sometimes I need things broken down stupid proof for me to understand. You may or… Read more »

The Give Back Event…Will You Give Back?

Women Fired For Anti- Military Comments Made on Facebook…Did The Military Community Go To Far Or Did She?

I recently received quite a few messages and emails about the FB post below: Carmike Cinemas ( the woman in question’s now former place of employment) has since fired Meagan May from her newly promoted position as a manager and released the following statement on their Facebook page: Of course her rant somehow managed to… Read more »

Is Saving Money A Luxury for Military Families At The Moment?

I refuse to go into the government shutdown and how it is going to affect military . I did that about three years ago and had my chance to talk about it here on MSNBC. I can’t even bother indulging in the politics of how we military families have become pawns in this little game… Read more »

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