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Yes He ETS’d…But We Can’t Seem To Get Away From The Army!

If you read my blog no secret my husband ETS’ed out of Active Duty but…there’s more! Doesn’t look like the Army is going away anytime soon …find out why in the video below:

8 Top Reasons Some People Won’t Live Onpost

I’ve had the pleasure of living on and off post and can say I have enjoyed both for different reasons. Last week I shared the “Top 10 Reasons To Live On Post” and today thanks to my lovely ladies on the AW101 FB Fan page I am sharing the Top 10 Reasons Some People Won’t… Read more »

Top 10 Best Things About Living Onpost

Despite some of the annoyances of living on post there were many aspects I enjoyed about it. For me personally many of them were financially related. I recently asked the spouses over at the Army Wife 101 fan page what were some of their favorite things about living onpost. I compiled some of those answers… Read more »

Top 8 Things Every Army Wife Must Have If You Wanna Survive This Shiz…MUST READ!

Image credit: evdoha / 123RF Stock Photo Military life will suck the life right out of a chick…won’t it? In some cases yes , but if you have the following items it will make life just a tad bit easier. Below are seven things that every military spouse should have: 1. A License I really… Read more »

Dear 18 year old me….( A letter to the younger Marine wife in me)

*I am sure military spouses no matter what branch can relate to this* Guest Post As my Marine and I approach our 15 year wedding anniversary, I have been thinking a lot about what I would want the 18 year old me when I said “I do” not only to my Marine but to the… Read more »

Work At Home Companies Sign On To Hire Military Spouses Through White House Initiative…What’s Wrong With That?

I have always talked about working from home. In fact I started working from years ago ,first as a dispatcher for an adult phone company  and then as a customer service representative for a company where  I took orders for informericals. Before you judge me on the adult phone thing , I will have you… Read more »

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