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Commissary Rewards Card App Now Available for Android Peeps

Android users will be happy to know they can now join in with us iPhone users in using the Commissary Rewards App. DECA (the commissary people) recently announced that the app has been tested and deemed working well based on beta user reviews that it can now be rolled out to the masses. The app is… Read more »

The AfterMath: 4 Ways For Military Families To Recoup Their Food Budget After The Holidays

After the holidays, many of us have a larger waistline and a higher credit card balance. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow tackle these challenges? Eating homemade meals is healthier than going out to eat and is less expensive. It takes a little planning but is so easy! Below are 4 tips to… Read more »

To Scan or Not To Scan Your ID at The Commissary …It’s Happening?

If scanning military ID’s  hasn’t already rolled out at your local base commissary …it’s coming. You’re probably wondering what I am talking about right? Well DECA recently announced that on October 22nd Fort Lee Virginia became the first base to introduce ID scanning at the checkout counter. Commissary shoppers are used to showing their ID… Read more »

To Shop Onpost or Offpost: 4 Reasons Why I Didn’t Judge Those Who Shopped in The Commissary Yesterday

The morning of October 1st I made my way to my local Food Lion grocery store as I do many early morning week days after I got the kids on the bus. I walked in to one cash register open and maybe 5 people in the whole store. I enjoyed my walk down almost every… Read more »

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Scenes From The Commissary: The Struggle Was Real Yesterday

As you know the nit wits in Washington couldn’t be grownups and come to a resolution last night therefore officially shutting down the government as of yesterday morning. While Active Duty were fortunate enough to keep their pay , the commissaries where they shop for groceries here in the US will not remain open. They… Read more »

New Commissary Deli Phone App For Military Folks In Texas and Virginia

Thanks to Angela of Mommy PR for sharing this new phone app she came across that will bring some convenience to those of you stationed in the states of Virginia and Texas at select commissaries. If you shop at the Commissary then you should know that the deli counter can be one of the most… Read more »

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